Enzymes: The Spark Plugs of Your Engine

Suzanne Quintero, RN

Suzanne is our in-house wellness facilitator. Learn more about the vital process enzymes contribute to your wellness by watching the video. Read below for a more in-depth explanation of this unique and untapped secret to your well being. If you have questions and/or you would like to arrange a consultation with Suzanne, you can email her at suzanne@quinterohealth.com.

From Dr. Mattern: "Vitamins-and-Minerals, Pills, Potions and Lotions-Oh My!"

Do you know there are over 25,000 isolated chemical and different co-factors that have been isolated out of food? Listen to any food guru-of-the-month and they will tell you why their new and improved regiment is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Pitkin diet, Grapefruit diet, -blah, blah, blah.

For someone, somewhere the results were apparently...Astounding. The question is would you or I get similar results? And do you have "Pablo"-your personal chef to fix these elaborate meals in between movie shoots on your yacht? No? me neither.

The major assumption (which happens to be the furthest thing from the truth) is that whatever you put in your mouth will be digested! Not so amigo. Digestion is complicated business and when it doesn't go right it is the source of many far flung complaints and symptoms. Not just a belly ache but many other issues pop up because bad digestion impacts your immune system, your endocrine system and these in turn affect everything else in the body.

There is even this guy, an Austrian Pathologist named Metchnikoff who is famous for the quote: "DEATH BEGINS IN THE COLON"

Talk about a buzz-kill. Bring that guy over for your next dinner party. I want you to check out my blog because I will be pounding away at this over and over. I am convinced after a ton of continuing education courses and advanced training in the field of nutrition that of the following: The critical factor, the most detrimental, life-shortening and life degenerating issue of modern living is our lack of enzymes in our food.
If the food doesn't have enzymes then they have to come from you! And when this happens over a period of time....there's a price to pay. There always is. Like jumping off a building, you don't defy gravity, you define it.



Copy of Office Protocol: For patients interested in more than structural chiropractic care.

In addition I may perform some other non-invasive exams to get more information and a baseline on your body functions, your physiology. These may include one or more of the following.

• Blood Pressure, lying down and then standing. This “Ragland’s test” suggest how dynamic your adrenal glands react to stress.
• Zinc Taste Test: How you perceive taste after a challenge of a small portion of zinc in a liquid form will provide clues to your body store for this important enzyme co-factor.
• Pupillary Light Response: I will see if the pupils of your eyes can constrict and hold with use of a penlight. This is another adrenal gland response test.
• Pulse Pressure: I will note your blood pressure and take the difference between the top and bottom numbers. This is a simple yet predictive number that may help anticipate your risk for a future heart attack or stroke.
• BIA: BioImpediance Analysis: This gives vital information on your body composition and fluids on the inside and outside of your cell membranes. (Details under separate cover)
• Ruler drop test: Reflex response time
• Static balance test: Proprioception and functional use of antigravity muscles.
• Skin pinch test on the hand: A basic estimate of hydration and tissue cross- linkages associated with accelerated ageing.

The cost of this specialized evaluation is payable to Dr. Mattern at the day of service by credit card, cash or check in the amount of _$152.00__ This service is not expected to be covered by disease care insurance policies and definitely not Medicare. In addition, any products I recommend following your evaluation will also be an out-of-pocket expense again payable on the day of your visit. Your signature below will acknowledge your understanding of this matter.

Date Name Printed Signature: ________________________________________________

A side-note from Dr. Mattern: I for one, am fearful for where my country is going and am frustrated with the heavy and clumsy hand of the government and insurance/drug cartel juggernaut. Cash for service eliminates the idiocy of second party payment schemes and allows me to direct my full attention to YOU

Over close to twenty five years now I have had literally hundreds of hour of post-graduate training in the field of nutrition, nutraceuticals, herbology, and applied physiology. This new work, particularly in the field of enzyme therapy is ripe for explosive growth due to its effectiveness at giving your body what it needs to self-regulate.

There is no pill drug or procedure that can overcome a sedentary lifestyle as a diet overloaded with de-vitalized foods. With the procedures I now have at hand I am able to witness remarkable results in restoring someone the health and wellness where others have failed. It's not that I'm a great healer or I cured them ( I can't cure a ham), it's that the body wants to get better. I doesn't need any help, you just have to get out of the way.

Generally there are but two schools of thought regarding body function: The body is incredibly wise, or it is stupid. As time goes on I hope I will be able to help you appreciate that whatever symptom you may be suffering from, annoying as it may be, is in reality an elegant and sagely wise effort to keep you alive for another second. Not a second in the middle of next week, but the VERY NEXT SECOND AFTER....THIS ONE!



Procedure and Scoring: No gum, eating, smoking for ~hour before test. Hold about a teaspoon of Aqueous Zinc (zinc sulfate) in your mouth for about 10 seconds. Swish around then swallow. After 20 seconds note your response.
1. ______ OPTIMAL ZINC LEVEL- Immediate, unpleasant, bitter/metallic adverse taste.
2. ______ ADEQUATE ZINC LEVEL-Definite but not strongly unpleasant taste is noted before swallowing
3. ______ ZINC DEFICIENT- No initial taste then develops 10-15 seconds after swallowing.
4. ______ MARKED ZINC DEFICIENT- No taste noted, tasteless, “like water”.

The zinc taste test has proved itself with studies in Lancet, British Medical Association’s National Formulary & the American Journal of Natural Medicine. Taste (gustation) is a reliable indicator of functional stores of this mineral in the body. Research has revealed that when levels of zinc are low vitamin B6, magnesium and the stomachs ability to make hydrochloric acid (HCL) is also reduced.

Know these next three paragraphs & know far more about digestion than the average medical doctor:

1. Key understanding: Special cells in the middle portion of the stomach secrete a protein-digesting enzyme known as pepsinogen. This is an inactive enzyme. It requires the presence of hydrochloric acid in order to begin digesting protein. The major role of HCL is to activate pepsinogen, which now becomes known as pepsin. The misinformed see the stomach as some volcano- like, continuous bubbling cauldron of scorching acid. Not so. The stomach, flat when empty, sends stretching signals when food is received. This initiates the production of hydrochloric acid. It takes about 45 minutes for it to be formed and begin its digestive work via pepsin. Hydrochloric acid does not digest food. (Only enzymes can do that) rather, it activates your protein-digesting enzymes.

2. The hydrogen (H+) and the chloride (Cl-), ingredients for the HCL-hydrochloric acid are donated from your blood. These ions pass through specialized parietal cells and are combined only inside the stomach which is protected normally, by a thick layer of mucus. So, when a person thinks they need antacids for indigestion, it is not because there is too much acid; it is because the stomach cannot produce good quality mucus to protect itself. A second function of gastric acid is to kill bacteria and parasites that enter along with your food. (So, pounding Prilosec after that Sushi bar in Vegas? Not such a good idea-unless you want to charge rent to that 70 ft. tape- worm camping out in your colon)!

3. Before HCL is activated a “predigestive” time period occurs. This is ideally where enzymes from saliva and food begin to work. Provided the food is unprocessed, uncooked and not a fake man-made. Some 40 and up to 80% of the meals complex carbohydrates break down here. All this is done easily if the body has “plug and play” enzymes in the food. If not, the body has to work uphill and make enzymes to process the devitalized food products consumed. This “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” for enzymes, cannot persist without the consequence of unpleasant symptoms and degenerative conditions. Period! This is a law of physiology. Thus, a low zinc score suggest poor HCL productive capacity and low coenzymes.



Drugs, by design grab and control body function in a disease process. By definition a drug is used “to cure or mitigate a disease process” Here is something you may not know: Drug side effects are very well understood and predictable (when you are talking one drug). What is not known is the drug/drug reactions when you start mixing multiple prescriptions together, not to mention the variables of physiology from person to person, their diet, environment etc. I have read it is statistically impossible not to have a negative side effect occurring while you are taking 5 or more prescription medications!

Our goal has been to get you functioning better with emphasis on enzyme therapy, structural support and other efforts to enable your cells to detoxify and work normally. The key here is “normal”. Normal function doesn’t need a drug. In fact it will actually create problems. If we can identify your S.O.S.-Your Source Of Stress and reduce it, then your body will begin a self-healing process. (Provided you have enough vital reserve and organ capacity left to accomplish healing).

So, if you are on drugs for a disease and you do things to get better, the drugs you are currently taking will potentially be even more toxic. Sick people take drugs to keep them alive, if healthy people take the same drug it will make them sick! No exceptions, this is a law of physiology.

I, Dr. Mattern am a chiropractor, not an MD, I didn’t put you on your medication, by law I am not allowed to take you off any prescriptions. But as you make improvements you may improve your body so much that the drugs you are taking will need to be reduced, modified or discontinued. A little celebration will be in order because when that happens it is a very good thing.

As you make improvements remember the following talking points. You will need to have a sit-down conversation with your drug prescribing medical doctor. Remember they aren’t used to people improving. Their concept is: Sick, sick, sicker, dead. So understand your doctor’s skepticism when you tell them you are actually getting better-that may throw them a curve ball.

“Healthcare” in America is a bigger oxymoron than “Jumbo-Shrimp”. In industrialized nations America ranks dead last for health of its citizens and 87th in the world (just edging out Guam) worldwide. All this despite having the most expensive system in the world! So, if our HealthCare system would be named honestly, it would be called “Disease-Care”.

Only when you are better: Have a talk like this with your MD:

Doc, I’ve taken your advice! I’m eating better than I ever have, I have changed my lifestyle and given up some bad habits and replaced them with better ones. I my “XXXsymptomXXX” are reduced. I think I can manage with a possible reduction in my medication. I know you had me on “XXX drugXXX” for good reasons, but with these changes, if I can keep them up I would like to see if I might hold my own with less medication. At this point, my medication dosage might even be hampering my progress, what do you think? (Give them the credit, even though we both know you did the work)


Pulse Pressure: ___= You _<__ 40= Ideal

High BP is a definite risk for heart attacks and strokes. But so is another measure you may not know about. The significance of “Pulse-Pressure” has been known for some time, but its importance is widely ignored by most medical professionals. It is, however, a very accurate predictor of future cardiovascular events, particularly in the elderly.

There are two numbers in Blood Pressure readings, the top systolic-as your heart ejects blood into a closed circulatory system (hopefully closed) and the bottom- diastolic- the system at rest pressure in between heart beats. The subtraction between the top and bottom number is the Pulse Pressure. So 120/80 has a pulse pressure of 40. (120- 80). The greater the number of your pulse pressure the greater risk you have for a future heart attack or stroke. An increase in pulse pressure over time is likely due to the arteries becoming stiffer, more like straws rather than spongy rubber tubes as you age.

Pulse Pressure is a Better Predictor of Impending Heart Attack:

From the Framingham study, a 65 yr. old man with blood pressure of 170/70 has a risk of heart failure or other cardio-complications 2x higher than another 65 yr. old man with a BP of 170/110! This risk is higher simply because his pulse pressure is greater. Even in individuals with a relatively low cardiovascular risk (normal lipids, BP, weight, non-smoker etc.) a high pulse pressure is a very significant predictor of future cardiovascular events-especially those resulting in the death of the individual.

One begins to see a gradual increase in cardiovascular deaths as the pulse pressure climbs to 45-55 mm Hg. Very significant increases in future cardiovascular deaths begins to occur when the pulse pressure goes to 60-65 mm Hg and above. In one of the biggest and best controlled study of this situation researchers correlated that for each 10 mm Hg increase in pulse pressure there is a corresponding 22% increase in cardiovascular death risk. And, when compared to increases in systolic and diastolic blood pressures, pulse pressure elevations were found to be the most accurate and crucial predictor of future cardiovascular events.

Certain drug classes can definitely lower blood pressure but as far as I know, none have been shown to improve or restore elasticity to the blood vessels. As a result, most allopathic doctors use drugs to lower overall blood pressure values rather than pulse pressure. In many cases, “improvements” with these efforts can be somewhat misleading.

Blood Pressure and probably Pulse Pressures commonly go up for two basic reasons: 1. Fluid dynamics. One pound of fat required 30 extra miles of capillaries. If your 50 lbs. overweight that’s 1500 extra tube miles! Your heart beats harder to push through a longer closed system. (Example: Is it easier to blow through a straw or a garden hose)? 2. “The solution to pollution is dilution” Unhealthy cells “weep” out fluids and dissolved substances across their membranes. This fluid gathers in the outside the cells in the extracellular space. This extra fluid squeezes the circulatory tree again and more pressure is required to drive blood through the whole system.

Other factors like oxidative stress damage the internal lining of vessels and plaquing occurs narrowing the lumen or hole inside the vessel.

Enzymes are the spark of life; they are like spark plugs of the body. Minerals, vitamins, hormones, cofactors, carbohydrates, non-enzyme proteins, lipids and fats can do NO WORK, zero, zilch, nada without enzymes.

Enzymes help turn the crank that pulls material across the cell membrane to the inside of the cell where things happen. Improved activity at the level of the cell membrane can improve fluid distribution ratios in the body. Charged particles “share” better with each other and important Redox reactions occur with less stress to the system. With less pressure in the extracellular space blood pressure improvements may take place.

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