Phase 1: Relief Care

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Many people go to a chiropractor because they are in pain. In this first phase of care, the main goal is to reduce your symptoms. For some people that's it. Find it, fix it and leave it alone! For some people that is "healthcare"- it's like "see you doc, ya did great, call you again when I can't move!"

Most people are under the assumption that if they don't feel any pain that there is nothing wrong with them - that they are healthy. Unfortunately, pain is a very poor indicator of health. In fact, pain and other symptoms frequently only appear after a disease or other condition has become advanced.

For example, consider a cavity in your tooth. Does it hurt when it first develops or only after it has become serious? How about heart disease? Regardless of whether you are talking about cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stress or problems with the spine, pain is usually the last thing to appear. When you begin chiropractic care, pain is also the first symptom to disappear-which is great but bear in mind much of the underlying condition remains like the broad base of an iceberg hidden under a tiny point of symptoms that worked their way up to the point of impacting your activities.

If your time and finances limit what you can do believe us, we understand. Our goal is to help you, and we want you to be more than satisfied with the level of expertise and care Dr. Mattern provides. Arnold Swartzenneger's famous line of the Terminator movie: "I'll Be Back" is fine! We'll be here!

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