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James Mattern currently serves the Lafayette and West Lafayette area in IN.

My Personal History:
"My father was like a Jedi Knight with a monkey wrench"

That's right, a monkey wrench, a giant three foot 28 pounder! It was my dad's "weapon of choice" when he went to do battle with large, complicated, dirty machines in the automotive industry. Circa: the late 1970's. He was a blue-collar maintenance man for GenCorp Automotive in Wabash, Indiana. During these sorties he would occasionally come home, "listing", usually starboard, at the waist & not in the best of moods by the way. Being a kid I was oblivious to most of the circumstances. I just knew Dad became Dad-again usually after a trip or two to town and visits to his "back doctor" the local chiropractor.

This was all fine and good, and off my radar screen, until my junior year in high school wrestling. One night in practice, the team worked on perfecting a particular maneuver known descriptively as "The Guillotine". You see, when you are pinned with this move, the only thing touching the mat is your shoulder blades- you are sort of splayed out like Marie Antoinette waiting for the blade-hence the moniker. The rest of your formerly intact anatomy is torqued up and around the hip and torso of your opponent. Well, the following morning, I looked like a living question mark. Efforts to "square myself up" with strategically placed pillows and sleep it off were as futile as the pills and muscle relaxers my mother, a nurse at the time insisted I try.

Well, my dad knew what to do, so it was a trip to town to see his chiropractor. Those visits had a huge impact on my movement and function. Up to that point I didn't even know there was anything out there that could do what a chiropractor did.


I had to declare a major to keep a scholarship for college. Mine was medical technology. I was clueless as to what that career actually involved. But when I took a tour of Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, I decided analyzing urine for 40 years in a hospital basement was not for me. Remembering my positive experience, I started shadowing various chiropractors and asking lots of questions. I bribed my brother to do a road trip with me. His demand: Sample every item on the hot new fast food joint called Taco Bell during the trip. That set me back twenty eight bucks in 1985. (If you ever consider reproducing this menu/trip combo, I recommend you crack a window).

We made our way across the Land of Lincoln to my future destiny: Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. There, I was sold on the school, and the intrigue of this health care field that accepted as fact that the body has an innate sense of knowing how to heal itself. That and I was drawn to a little tributary the locals referred to as... (The Mississippi). Classes were challenging. I did six academic years in five with honors. I managed to graduate with a BS in general science and Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1989.

My philosophy: A physical body poorly opposing gravity will break down quickly:

So will a body without fundamental building blocks of nutrition. These are laws of physiology. They cannot be violated without eventual expression of symptoms. You don't defy gravity when you jump off a cliff, you demonstrate it. Chiropractic and a wellness lifestyle are two great ways to address the underlying source of what gives so many people pain, fatigue and reduced vitality. My heritage is German, in fact, I'm about as German as a Panzer tank division. Production and efficiency is just part of my nature, so you can anticipate I will work with you to get the biggest degree of improvement with the least amount of wasted steps.

My Fun:

I am somewhat of a movie buff but enjoy reading (those old fashioned things called books) and stumbling around on the internet. I am the manual labor side of antique furniture restoration with my spouse. We have an herb garden and plot at the Co-Op extension. This is frequently the raw material source for my weekly and frequently humbling attempt at preparing a gourmet meal. I am in the process of converting my basement into a grow site for King Oyster Gourmet mushrooms, ask for a status update.

I receive supportive chiropractic care from a friend of mine (yes-we trade, you can't adjust yourself) about twice a month. I am a long time member of a local health club where I work (harder every year it seems) to stay fit and keep up with my teenage son. He incidentally is off the medical radar screen. Interestingly, he has never had, nor needed an antibiotic. The last time he saw a medical doctor was on his birthday: Yea, the original one.

Thanks for visiting my site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how I can be of service to you. Give my friendly office staff a call, or email me using the links on this site and let's arrange a time to explore your healthcare goals and the quickest way to get you there.

If you have any questions for Dr. Mattern, or would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Mattern Chiropractic, please call us at (765) 463-7337 today!

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