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If you are experiencing low energy, pain and stiffness in West Lafayette, our team at Mattern Chiropractic can likely help. Dr. Mattern has over 3 decades of service out of the same location. He provides a host of body work therapies, manual therapy, low force as well as traditional chiropractic for a host of conditions not only of the neck and back but extremity joints, muscles, and connective tissue as well.

Chiropractic Care

Joints can become locked and painful over a period or from an acute overexertion or injury. Traditional chiropractic applies a quick controlled amount of force to overcome a barrier of resistance in a joint of the limbs (wrist, elbows, shoulder and hips, knees, ankles, and feet) as well as in the spine-neck, ribs and low back, this adjustment as it is called addresses its dysfunction. Alternative low force stretching from a Leander motorized table gently decompresses joints with alternating flexion extension motion. Nerve glides and manual therapies can be used for individuals not wanting to feel a joint “pop” with traditional chiropractic care.

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

Vibrational therapy and other devices are used to relax tight muscles and connective tissue. This improves blood and lymph flow which encourages healing, and improves pain free mobility.

Posture Awareness

Issues of ergonomics (work postures) and motion injury like carpal tunnel syndrome and poor opposition to gravity from flat feet, poor extremity mechanics, head forward “text neck” type posture, knock knees, hip and shoulder muscle imbalance are addressed to limit pain, dysfunction and limit breakdown of tissue later requiring more aggressive total joint replacement (orthopedic/ neurosurgical intervention.)

Kinesiotape and strapping/belts and supports

Various types of tape may be used after on office visit to continue to reduce edema and swelling of a joint or offer stabilization of a chronically injured area that moves too much. Sacroiliac belts, maternity pelvic support belts and elastic low back supports may be used during an acute phase of care or to stabilize areas of chronic dysfunction.

Foot orthotics

Poor opposition to gravity resulting in fatigue and pain especially in the back, hips and knees can be sourced to an imbalance in the joints and connective tissue of the foot and ankle. Stabilizing foot gear is used to stabilize and support the kinetic chain of force transfer while standing and walking. This helps address the true source of many types of lower limb complaints.

Dry Needling

Small acupuncture needles can be placed in areas of deep muscle knots resistant the superficial therapies. Needle placement in fascial adhesions and active pain generating zones muscle known as trigger points are often effective for chronic and otherwise physical therapy resistant complaints.

Electric Therapy

Interferential therapy involves temporarily placing small sticky pads to the skin. Comfortable frequencies of electricity is set to overlap and the result cancels a pain signal. This therapy is used for muscle spasm and acute conditions that may need to settle before additional manual or physical therapies can be performed. We employ it for back and neck muscle spasms, muscle weakness and joint swelling following an injury. This therapy is used to improve blood flow and promote tissue decongestion and assist with the bodies healing process. It is useful for controlled joint mobilization, pain relief and can be used for controlled muscle contractions to strengthen muscles weak after injury or surgery.

Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic Exercises allow you to play a role in your own healing and pain relief. Your chiropractor will teach you how to do a few well-chosen exercises to do at home or at your workstation so you can recovery quicker prevent the return of complaints. Exercises can help you with mental clarity an improved sense of well-being, maintain proper spinal and joint balance and alignment, increase flexibility, range of motion, and provide lasting pain relief from an ongoing or chronic situation.

Nutrition and supplementation

Nutritional deficits are common in the modern American diet. Grain oils and commercially processed foods extend shelf life at a cost of compromising the chemistry and metabolism of the consumer. Nearly every disease process involves chronic inflammation-much of which is sourced from SAD-the Standard American Diet. Drug free supplements are offered and can be combined with other therapies to accelerate healing and limit future complaints, especially those that stem from chronic inflammation.

Consults, Labs, and special imaging

This office is often a good place to start for a variety of musculoskeletal complaints. If thru exam or presentation additional consults with medical specialist and or imaging may be coordinated or recommended. Bloodwork and labs may be recommended, a simple lack of B12, Iron, Vitamin D or magnesium can create a host of complaints easily remedied once identified, this is the age of functional medicine which can address a small complaint before it evolved into a full- blown disease process needing lifelong drugs or aggressive surgical/medical interventions. A sound history and labs can identify nutritional and endocrine imbalances that will drive persisting complaints until addressed.

Other treatments

A variety of therapies can be incorporated as a part of your best care to address your complaints. We will teach and empower you to be the best student, parent, employee…-all the hats you must wear in an increasingly stressful society is our goal all our patients. Cupping, thera-cane, nerve flossing, foam roll myofascial release, balance boards, thera-tubing, enthesis and herniated trigger point reductions, lordotic cervical curve recovery with extension traction, foundation training and correction of upper and lower cross syndromes may be incorporated as a part of your best care strategy. Spinal and extremity pain and stiffness and conditions like whiplash, TMJ, headaches, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sciatica, rotator cuff are also common issues we address with adjuncts to get you out of pain and limit future problems.

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At Mattern Chiropract we are here to serve you and will do our best to address the pain and limitation that may be keeping you from doing the physical requirements of your job or fully enjoying the activities of your lifestyle.
There are hundreds of syndromes, complaints, and diagnoses that your condition might be labeled as.
But if you have pain and it is from a muscle, connective tissue and joint that is not moving right, Mattern Chiropractic may be your best first choice to see if common sense hands-on care can get you back in the game of life at full speed again. We welcome your consideration as a wise health care consumer and will do our best to service your needs.


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