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  • "I've suffered from migraines my entire life. As I've gotten older they have increased in frequency to about 3 times a week. No pain killers, either over- the-counter or prescribed have ever been able to take away one of my migraines in the same day. But if I visit Dr. Mattern, and he adjust me, my headaches are usually gone within a few hours and they stay gone for quite awhile. Unbelieveable! I would recommend at least trying chiropractic care if you suffer from migraines too."
    Julie Boutelle
  • "I'm a hospital employee (professional) and I know MD's very well. I severely injured my back several years ago. I knew back then I'd have been hospitalized, put in traction and probably would've had surgery- I knew nothing then about chiropractors. After my first w/ Dr. Mattern I could stand up and walk without pain! I would visit a chiropractor whenever I really banged myself up, usually 2-3 times a year. After I retired I have found I need more visits but it really keeps me going. In my life travels, I've seen several chiropractors. Dr. Mattern is the most knowledgable, capable and effective doctor I have seen. I have taken my daughter to Dr. Mattern for her sports injuries and she is impressed as well."
    RR Bentledge
  • "One day I was getting ready to go to work and BAM a pain hit me in my back and I could not stand up. A lady that I had been working for had told me one time that she had been to Dr. Kriebel over on the West Side. I looked her up but couldn't get in cause she was busy havin a baby. They told me I could get in with Dr. Mattern and to come on over. He looked at me and said he would like to X-ray my back to see what was going on. I was told I had alot of arthritis in my back and also a condition in my neck called DISH, it could in years cause me not to swallow too good. He gave me a treatment and told me to come back for several days and he would work with me until I got stronger and could go back to work. From that time on I have been going to see him and have given his name to several of my friends and they have been to him also and gotten relief withe their problems. He recommended I get into an exercise class for senior members and I have been going there faithfully for some time now. Dr. Mattern has helped me so much. I have one bad knee and has a special tape. He has taught me how to use it and it is the only thing keepin me from havin to get a whole new knee. This too, has helped me very much. I thank God for Chiropractors like Dr. Jim. He always tells me, "I will do what I can to keep you on your feet" That's exactly what he has done for me for many a year now. He is not only my Doctor but is a very dear friend. I could go on and on about the times he has helped me, but it would take a long time to tell it all. He has been there for me thru two car accidents and also being dropped on the floor in the hospital! So you see I am one of the ones that has been BLESSED by Dr. Jim and I am so thankful for him. There is not enough good I could say about him."
    Charlene Williams
  • "I lived in pain and fear of it until I learned that there was help for me. A friend told me that it was unnecessary to suffer and encouraged me to call the office of Dr. Kriebel and Dr. Mattern. I had never been to a chiropractor before and made the call with some apprehension since other treatments I had tried had not given me any relief.

    What a blessing it was that I met Dr. Mattern! Under his gentle care, my life has become more comfortable and free of worries. In all the years I have gone to Dr. Mattern, he has never failed to help me. For me and my family, he is turly a miracle worker. He has always taken the time to talk to me about my contiton, and his advice has always been beneficial. I turly believe that going to Dr. Mattern has spared me hospital stays and possible surgery.

    I will be forever grateful for what he has done for me and for some of my friends. I wish that everyone culd benefit from his care and be as luck as I have been in being a patient."
    Inge B.
  • "For the past 25 years I have had chiropractic care occasionally for various reasons. However, Dr. Mattern is the only chiropractor who has done more than just a quick adjustment of the neck or the back.

    Dr. Mattern not only listens, but hears what I say. The care he gives promotes healing for the reason of my visit. He also shows concern for better health through discussion, offering advice to promote such. I highly recommend Dr. James Mattern as a chiropractor for better health, for a better life."
    Linda Zatkulak
  • "James Mattern is the best! I've had a knee replacement and am to be released so I am able to drive my car again. I've had chiropractic care on occasion. My husband was a medical doctor, he said "do what helps" so I have been seeing Dr. Mattern-he keeps my back and neck in line where I can function. OH DEAR, where would I be without him."
    Martha Graham
  • "Dr. Mattern has been a life saver! I don't know what I would have done had I not found him. Dr. Mattern is an unbelievable educator and gentle touch. He truly cares about his patients. I've never met a chiropractor who is so involved in the process of examining the problem and working toward the patient maintaining total health. Before Dr. Mattern, I endured nerve pain reunning down my entire arm leaving my wrist and fingers numb. I tried to get help from other chiropractors to no avail. I would be in and out of their clinic with a quick adjustment that ditn't help my condition. This went on for about a year. Out of frustration, I found Dr. Mattern hoping he coulde help me. With his patient and caring ways, he wanted to know the root of my condition in order to best serve my needs. At each visit, he would review my chart and progress so he knew what to work on and not just adjust me unnecessarily. Within one to two months, my chronic nerve condition was gone! He cared so much to see that my troublesome conditon went away. I owe Dr. Mattern so much for his help and dedication to his feild and for making me a more informed and healthy patient."
    Mary Manes
  • "I had a co-worker who always went to her chiropractor when she had a sinus headache. Withe me having chronic sinus problems I decided to give it a try. When ever I start having sinus headaches I will go see Dr. Mattern and he will perform his magic and they go away. He also helps me with lower back pain. My son is in sports so I sit on bleachers a lot and my back doesn't care much for that.

    Not only does Dr. Mattern help me feel better I can always count on getting an appointment right away and the office staff is very friendly.

    I have referred several people to Dr. Mattern and they are really happy after seeing him too."
    Cathy Rooze

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